Pajovic: Postponing agreement on the demarcation will cause problems with Kosovo

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The decision of the Kosovo Parliament to postpone the ratification of the agreement on the demarcation with Montenegro on 1 September will not cause problems in the relations between Montenegro and Kosovo, the Speaker of Parliament Darko Pajovic said.

Appearing in a show on Atlas TV, he said that he believed understanding and tolerance would prevail.

“I do not think we will have any problems in the future and I believe that we will solve the demarcation problem between Montenegro and Kosovo, of course, maintaining friendly relations Montenegro has not only with Kosovo, but also with all other neighbours”, he added.

Pajovic pointed out that he had no contacts with colleagues from the Kosovo Parliament related to the issue and emphasised that Montenegro and Kosovo needed to have a good relations because it was a factor of stability for the entire region.

“I allow everyone to express their opinion, even in our Parliament. You are witnesses that there are tensions over certain issues important for the state and the citizens, but I absolutely believe in dialogue. I believe in the good relations between the leaderships of these countries, and I believe in full awareness of all, in both Kosovo and Montenegro, and anywhere else in this region, that peace, stability and good neighbourly relations are an imperative, not for our generation but for the generations of our children and all generations to come”, Pajovic concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro