Pajovic: Preconditions for a more prosperous future for all Montenegrins created on 21 May

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By restoring independence ten years ago, Montenegro has shown willingness and responsibility to independently decide on the future of its people and the whole community. This historic decision created the preconditions more prosperous, common future of all Montenegrins, both those who voted “yes” and “no” option on the referendum 10 years ago, said the president of Positive Montenegro (PCG), Darko Pajovic.

He congratulated 21 May, Independence Day to all citizens of Montenegro.

He stated that much better results could and had to be achieved during the past ten years, particularly when it comes to people’s living standard, economic development and strengthening the rule of law, which are necessary for establishing the state of social justice and equality

“We believe that in the future, despite all the accumulated problems, we will be able to work together with all civic-oriented forces and bring democratic changes necessary for recovery of the Montenegrin society in order to become an equal member of the Euro-Atlantic family of developed countries”, Pajovic added.

As he said, that is a duty and obligation to the state and all citizens, particularly to the generations to come “in order for them to live and create in a developed democratic country of social justice”.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro