Pajović: Primitivism and profanity will not stand in the parliament!

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President of the Assembly of Montenegro, Darko Pajović, announced that he will file today a complaint against the deputies who last week sparked the incident in the Parliament.

He said names of concerned MPs will be known by the end of the day, adding for reporters that the complaint is ready, but that he could not submit it earlier because of his other obligations.

Asked whether he will report both sides of the incident, the deputies of the Democratic Front, and those of the Democratic Party of Socialists, Mr. Pajović said he does not share responsibility among political parties, but among individuals.

He also said primitivism and profanity will not stand in Montenegrin parliament, and that he does not intend to allow anyone to send such picture of the Assembly.

“This is a serious institution, with the greatest degree of openness to the public, and it is my duty to protect the Assembly from such scenes”, said Pajović.

On a non-related topic, Pajovic said the parliamentary elections were scheduled in accordance with the law, and that the President was not obliged to consult anybody before the announcement of the elections.

He said it was also agreed that the sessions of the Parliament will continue to be broadcasted live even after the elections.

“Most people in the Collegium support the continuation of television transmission until July 31, when the spring session ends”, said Pajović, explaining that since the law is not clear on when the broadcasting should be stopped, the Collegium left him to decide on the matter.

Asked whether there were contacts with some political parties on the creation of the coalition, Pajović said there weren’t and that Positive Montenegro, his party, will participate on its own.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro