Pajović: Ratification will go fast

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President of Montenegrin Parliament, Darko Pajović, says there’s no doubt that the process of ratification of the Protocol on the Accession of Montenegro to NATO will run very fast.

“Of course, each individual ratification gives this process additional dynamics, and we are very grateful to Iceland, Slovenia and Hungary for their support. We are confident that very soon, all other NATO member states will follow their example”, Pajović said for Pobjeda daily.

He added yesterday’s ratification of the Protocol in Hungary only verified the closeness and partnership between the two countries, stressing the role of Hungary as a NATO contact embassy for the process of Montenegro’s accession to NATO.

According to him, the ratification process will proceed very quickly for two key reasons.

“First, Montenegro has proved to be a serious partner fulfilling all that is required for membership in NATO, and second, there is a clear strategic interest of the countries which are members of NATO to have Montenegro in this great and important military and political family of nations and countries”, assessed Pajović.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro