Pajović scheduled a session: NATO resolution to be discussed on June 16th

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President of the Parliament Darko Pajović has scheduled a session for June 16th. During this session, the Parliament will discuss Resolution on support to Montenegro joining NATO, Pobjeda learns.

Although representatives of DPS, Positive Montenegro, Social-Democrats, Liberal Party and minority parties have asked for an irregular session to discuss this document, President of the Parliament Darko Pajović has scheduled a regular session, the first one in spring term.

This is a second resolution giving support to Montenegrin road to the Alliance. In September last year, the Parliament passed a Resolution on support to Montenegro’s NATO integration.

Remaining firm in their views expressed in the document, the suggested resolution was submitted by Milutin Simović, Miodrag Vuković, Mevludin Nuhodžić, Obrad Stanišić, Predrag Sekulić, Suljo Mustafić, Goran Tuponja, Damir Šehović, Ljerka Dragičević, Genci Nimanbegu and Andrija Popović. The resolution was also supported by CDU of Miodrag Vlahović.

In the draft of Resolution, that Pobjeda could see, it is stated that Montenegro has shown a clear vision and perseverance in its road to NATO and EU.

“We believe in the results Montenegro has achieved and reforms it took in order to achieve long-term safety and stability, rule of law, democracy and economy. Once again, we express firm support to Montenegro becoming a part of European community”, the document reads.

“Membership of Montenegro in NATO has a wider geo-political dimension and further positive reach. It represents a historical decision not only for Montenegro, but for the Alliance itself. Our neighbors will have another friend in Alliance, and NATO will have its trusted and reliable partner on the historically unstable West Balkan area”, the document reads.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro