Pajović: SNP, URA and DEMOS a coalition for maladjusted politicians

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It has been exactly three months since Darko Pajović became the President of the Parliament of Montenegro. He spoke to Pink M TV and said that during that time, 85 laws were passed and many significant agreements were signed. The numbers speak for themselves, Pajović said, if you keep in mind that his predecessor done a lot less for the same amount of time. Newly formed coalition DEMOS – URA – SNP, Pajović calls a home for maladjusted politicians with the basic goal of hiding their own weaknesses.

That kind of coalition cannot take anyone’s votes, as it is barely holding onto their own.

“You have Mr Rakčević who is pro CPC, Milić who is pro SPC, and Lekić who has no attitude? SNP is pro state of social justice and against transition rich, and on the other hand, Rakčević got rich in the transition is fighting against social justice, while Lekić has no attitude. SNP is against NATO, Rakčević supposedly pro NATO and Lekić, again, has no attitude”, Pajović explained.

He commented on the possibilities of post-election coalitions.

“All of those who are pro EU and pro NATO, who want peaceful and democratic changes are our coalition partners”, leader of Positive Montenegro said.

Commenting on the new people entering his party, he said that it is up to them to be publically thankful for the trust given to them.

Peace and political stability are of crucial importance for Montenegro’s development and continuation of EU integration.

“We need to have a reasonable budget as well, and give example of politicians who take care of financial matters”, Pajović said.

The Government of electoral trust has justified its existence, he said, adding that the small number of irresponsible opposition officials do not diminish the importance of the project.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro