Pajović: The crisis is over, we are now politically stable

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Despite the many challenges, Montenegro is today politically stable and actively working to improve the electoral process. We resolved the political crisis on our own, without international mediation, and we are very proud of it, said the President of the Assembly of Montenegro, Darko Pajović, at the opening plenary session of the 25th session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE.

In his speech before lawmakers, Mr. Pajovic added this is surely a good indicator of democratic progress and political maturity, which can be further enhanced “through strengthening of the trust between various actors”.

He recalled that the lack of confidence in the electoral process in Montenegro led to 11 of the 12 political entities sitting in the parliament at the table, working for months, negotiating to come to the Agreement which was eventually signed by representatives of both the opposition and the government.

“Our party, Positive Montenegro, voted on January 27 this year to give conditional support to the Government, requesting entry of the opposition into its most important branches. For the first time in 27 years, the opposition has taken over departments, including ministerial positions in ministries of the interior, finance, agriculture, labor and social welfare, as well as the post of one Deputy Prime Minister. All this resulted in political stability in the country, as a prerequisite for securing conditions for free and fair elections and further democratization of the country, which allowed the continuation of the EU and NATO integration”, stressed Pajović adding that actions taken in the next few months will help make a major step towards establishing trust and reducing the overall division in Montenegro’s society.


Pajović formally invited the Parliamentary Assembly to participate in the observation of the parliamentary elections in Montenegro, which will be held in October this year, bearing in mind that this Assembly and the OSCE were always willing to help Montenegro when it was most needed.

“As President of the Parliament of Montenegro, I will do everything in my power to contribute to this process. We have nothing to hide, and nothing is impossible in order to accomplish these objectives. The Parliament of Montenegro is taking many important steps in this regard, and we expect that we will in the coming weeks and months play an active role in accordance with our duties and responsibilities. As a final result of the overall effort, we believe that the next time we meet, we will all be witnesses of a politically more stable and democratically stronger Montenegro”, said Pajović.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro