Pajović: The soap opera ends on October 16th

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Part of the Montenegrin opposition is immature, but the political soap opera will be over on October 16th, said President of the Parliament of Montenegro Darko Pajović in his guest appearance on radio Nikšić.

“We we are aware of the role Government of electoral trust was to play, of the great responsibility that comes with controlling state resources, voters’ lists… This is why we fought to have opposition in the institutions after 27 years. Now everything seems like a never ending political soap opera. Still, it will end on October 16th, and we will face the citizens with our accomplishments of the past period”, Pajović said.

He said he believed that citizens will recognize the work and the results of the responsible, and will know to differentiate between political nonsense that we have seen happen in functions opposition held in the Government.

Pajović commented on the announcement of non-party ministers in the Government Milorad Vujović, Budimir Mugoš and Boris Marić, who said they would reconsider staying the Government in 15 days.

“It used to be that political moves were planned months in advance. Lately we are talking days, minutes. 15 days is a long time and we cannot know what will they think of. I want us to work seriously, with consequences in mind. We will see what this irresponsible behaviour signals to the citizens”, the President said.

Pajović said that URA, that left the Government, does not represent anyone, nor has it ever represented.

“It is an association of citizens, not a political party. It is a group of people who entered the Government without political credibility. I will remind the public that before January 20th we were brutally accused for even thinking of conditional support to the Government, only to have URA later say that it is good to be in the Government and control the events. Then we heard that everyone should leave the Government, and we saw URA leave, with ministers they named staying behind”, Pajović said.

He believes that there is no crisis in the Government, but that it is doing its job as it should.

“It seems to me that good results are being accomplished, not only in regards to elections. The Government of electoral trust seems like a good formula, personal perceptions that are politically skewed notwithstanding. Citizens will decide should such individuals lead the country, and I believe the answer is clear”, Pajović concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro