Pajovic: These elections will be more democratic and fairer than the previously

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The upcoming elections will be held in a much more democratic and fairer atmosphere compared to the previous election cycle, said the Speaker of Parliament Darko Pajovic at a meeting with the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly delegation to monitor general elections in Montenegro. The delegation was led by the head of the observer mission Azaj Guliev and special coordinator Margareta Sederfelt.


Pajovic presented the results which the Parliament achieved with the new management preparing fair and free elections.

He emphasised the establishment and active work of three committees that are directly related to the democratisation of the electoral conditions, which include representatives of both government and opposition. In addition, he added that 117 legal acts were adopted in 60 days, with respect to the entire prescribed procedure for their adoption.


“The agreement between the government and the opposition has significantly contributed to the forthcoming elections to be held in a much more democratic and fairer atmosphere compared to the previous election cycle. For its part, the Parliament has met all the requirements laid down by this agreement through its intense activities”, the Parliament Speaker said.

The OSCE delegation congratulated on this democratic step forward and showed interest in various aspects of the forthcoming elections in Montenegro.

Pajovic thanked the OSCE mission for accepting the invitation to monitor the elections, as well as for its continued support and assistance to Montenegro in improving the electoral process.

The OSCE Election Observation Mission consists of 33 delegates from 23 organisation member states.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro