Pajović to report at least five MPs

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President of the Parliament Darko Pajović will report MPs he considers responsible for the latest incident to the Committee for Human Rights. According to Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily, he will submit a report on Monday, and he will report at least five MPs. On the other hand, DF will also make a report, against MPs of DPS and Vice President of the Parliament Suljo Mustafić.

There was no available information on who will be reported yesterday, but unofficially, it was said that the President is determined to ensure peace and undisturbed functioning in the Parliament. He said as much at yesterday’s Collegium.

“In accordance with the Ethical Codex of Representatives, I will submit the report myself. As a President, I apologies to everyone because of the scenes that happened in the Parliament and the bad image they created”, Pajović said at the beginning of yesterday’s session.

He said that all MPs need to try to avoid losing everything that was done in the Parliament because of that one day.

“I will not call this home a house of lords, but it is a house of responsible representatives of the citizens. Great job was done during the last 35 days, since the President was changed”, he underscored.

“We all need to work together that one day does not endanger everything we have done during the last period”, Pajović said.

He invited everyone to contribute.

Bulatović claims that DPS MPs and Vice President Suljo Mustafić are the ones to blame.

“Selective and unofficial recordings of persons I shall not name, gave a wrong image of what had happened. DF will, after careful analysis, speak to the Committee in charge of Ethical Codex, and report certain DPS MPs for their behaviour”, representative Predrag Bulatović of DF said to Radio Montenegro.

He said that Vice President of the Parliament Suljo Mustafić did a bad job of leading the session.

“He was inciting the incident”, Bulatović said, saying that they will report him. Now it is up to the Committee for Human Rights, and Ljiljana Đurašković of DF needs to call a session to determine responsibility and punishment. Two options are possible: public warning or suspension.

One of the matters for the Committee is whether MPs who took part in the incident can be punished according to the Regulation, because the incident happened during a break in session. Suljo Mustafić stop the session after first hard words were spoken, and the incident happened during the break, so it is up to Committee to determine whether the Regulation was breached.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro