Pajović: To vote Positive is to vote the state and vote the progress

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Positive Montenegro is realistic in its promises, it offers necessary changes done in hard work, faith of better future and social justice and solidarity, leader of this party Darko Pajović said.

During convention in Rožaje he said that he does not make tours promising unattainable resolutions.

“You are fed up with promises – you hear them every four years, and see them forgotten right after the elections”, Pajović said.

He said that Positive in 2012 gave a promise to protect the state
‎, and it fulfilled it on January 27th this year.

He said that every vote given to Positive will be a vote given to Montenegro.

“It is also a vote of change, because we need changes. Those who do not wish to change, should vote someone else”, Pajović said.

According to him, Positive wants to see progress in leadership.

“The others, when they joined leadership, forgot about change, but what we say here tonight, we will do”, Pajović promised.

He reminded that 70 years ago there was a country where citizens united built bridges, tunnels, roads.

„They did not have a lot, but they were happy and fulfilled, they did not wait for apartments to have children, because they believed that every day would be better than yesterday. We need to believe in better tomorrow again, we need to believe in change”, Pajović said.

There were some who spent 18 years in leadership, who could not foster change.

“But this is why we are here, to change things in Montenegro. You heard of the free market, and you heard we are waiting for the investors. And what if they do not come? Should we just wait and wait?“, Pajović. wondered

Positive does not offer waiting time, they believe that the state should regulate the free market and provide better lives for those who are lacking, so that everyone can manage decent life based on their work.

“Neo-liberal economy states that the market is free, and everyone can get rich. And what about us who can not get rich? Should we die waiting on the state help or send our children to school in old shoes?”, Pajović wondered.

He said that Montenegro needs solidarity and social justice.

“This was the practice of our fathers, their fathers, and it will be ours after October 16th”, Pajović said.

He said that Positive has no issue with “those who have”.

“But we are against looking away from those who do not, who can not, who have problems. This was never Rožaje, never Montenegro. We need solidarity, social justice, we will win on October 16th“, Pajović said.

He invited Rožaje to vote on October 16th.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro