Pajovic: Visible improvement of parliamentary level relations between Montenegro and France

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Ambassador of France to Montenegro Véronique Brumeaux has paid a farewell visit to the speaker of Parliament of Montenegro Darko Pajovic. Pajovic thanked her for the cooperation and support, pointing out the visible improvement of relations at the parliamentary level between the two countries.

Pajovic also expressed gratitude for the support of France in the European and Euro-Atlantic integration, pointing out that Montenegro’s membership in NATO is important for strengthening stability both in Montenegro and in the region.

He informed the outgoing ambassador that the Parliament of Montenegro fulfilled its obligations under the agreement on fair and democratic elections. Among other things, three committees related to monitoring the electoral process have been set up.

“Pajovic pointed out that during this period, the active participation of all political parties in the Parliament’s work was of great importance, without the boycott of any party, which resulted in passing numerous laws after the large stalemate. As a result of all this, Pajovic said that the upcoming elections will be held in significantly better conditions compared to all previous ones”, Pajovic’s office stated.

He said he expect the excellent cooperation between the two countries would continue in the fields of economy, living standard, European integration and the introduction of European standards.

At the end of the meeting, Pajovic expressed his best wishes and solidarity of the people of Montenegro with the citizens of France to overcome the challenges they currently face.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro