Pajović visited Bar: This is where our first international connections started

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Bar used to be our window to the world, and we must not forget from where our first international connections started, said President of the Parliament of Montenegro Darko Pajović. He made a working visit to local administration of Bar today.

State Parliament will support the work of local parliaments because that is “necessary for better understanding of laws and decisions that we pass in the national Parliament, that influence daily life of citizens in local communities”.

“The point of today’s visit is implementation of Memorandum on cooperation between national and local parliaments that has a goal of providing resources and capacities to local parliaments. Through today’s talk we became aware of necessity of communication between the Parliament and local administration”, Pajović sad.

Mayor of Bar Zoran Srzentić welcomed Pajović and introduced him to priorities in Bar’s development and political situation in local administration.

“The goal of today’s visit is better cooperation and usage of resources of national Parliament. We discussed Bar’s great potentials, both on the sea and on the lake, and received full support in our plans. As far as the political situation is concerned, leadership in Bar is stable. What is important is that there are no differences in opinion when it comes to state’s strategic goals”, Srzentić said.

President of local parliament in Bar Radomir Novaković said he is pleased with today’s visit and expressed his attitude on the functioning of local parliament in Bar.

“In this moment, the Parliament of Montenegro is accomplishing its plans and progress. In Bar, we expect to see more efficient work. I can say that we have no major obstacles in our work”, Novaković said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro