Pajović visited Cetinje: Cooperation without political and party obstacles

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President of the Parliament of Montenegro Darko Pajović made a work visit to Royal Capital Cetinje today. He met Mayor Aleksandar Bogdanović and president of municipality assembly Jovan Martinović. Pajović underscored the importance of state parliament cooperating with local parliaments.

During the meeting between Pajović and Mayor Bogdanović, there was word on activities and cooperation between Parliament of Montenegro and local administration with the goal of improving transparency and efficiency in local administration.

Bogdanović expressed pleasure due to recent signing of Agreement on cooperation between Parliament of Montenegro and Association of municipalities of Montenegro, that will improve institutional dialogue between state and local leadership.

“The fact that we started implementation only days after signing the Agreement is encouraging. This agreement will give way to better service for citizens”, the Mayor said.

Pajović expressed pleasure that his first work visit in this project is in the Royal Capital, that is a symbol and foundation of Montenegrin statehood.

During the meeting, the President expressed openness to cooperation with local administrations, and readiness to share technical resources of the Parliament.

“It is extremely important that the Parliament has cooperation with local parliaments. I believe that in this way, local administrations would become more efficient. There should be no political or party obstacles in our common goal”, Pajović said.

Bogdanović, as the President of the Steering Committee of Association of municipalities, informed the President on current financial situation in local administration, and pointed to a need for a set of laws that regulate the matter of improving financial status for local administrations.

“I believe that an adequate framework would be a key to undisturbed functioning and financial sustainability, which is of key importance for development processes on the local level. These laws should regulate new revenue for local administrations. There are laws that have been in the Parliament for years, that could, if passed, provide new revenue sources for local administrations”, Bogdanović said.

Pajović said he was ready to include representatives of the Association in Parliament’s work bodies pertaining to their interests.

He said he understands the need of local administrations for more revenue, that would enable development and functioning for citizens and commerce.

During the meeting, he underlined the support to all development projects that benefit citizens and the staet of Montenegro.

Bogdanović said that the Royal Capital of Cetinje holds special significance for Montenegro. He expressed hope that the Law on Royal Capital will make way to some of the upcoming sessions in the Parliament.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro