Pajovic: We do not want one group of millionaires to be replaced by another after the elections

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The Positive Montenegro does not want one group of millionaires to be replaced by another after the elections. We want a society of social justice and solidarity to win, said the party leader Darko Pajovic at tonight’s PCG’s panel in Niksic.

“Those whose bank accounts represent their measure of patriotism and those governed exclusively by personal interests should not run this country. They had the opportunity to show what they can, but they accumulated their own wealth and then left the politics. Now, they are returning to politics because they cannot stand the fact that DPS tycoons have more than they do. That’s the whole essence of their ‘concern for the state and the citizens’”, said Pajovic.

He said that in October, some people were for the overthrow the regime and the state. However, after a few months they joined the government, which had previously wanted to topple.

“And now they do not know what they will do now. All they know is that they are aware of their ignorance, but they also know to make a fuss and to hide behind certain media, whose servants they are. Should such people lead the country”, Pajovic asked.

He called on the citizens of Niksic to support a path of democratic change instead the path of destruction.

“Instead of the opposition to the state, support the opposition to poor government’s moves. Instead of support to personal interests of individuals, support professionalism for the good of the country and citizens”, Pajovic said.

He added that the measure of democracy was the measures of strength of its institutions, and the measure of the progress is the measure of social justice.

“The measure of success is the extent of solidarity, the measure of civic awareness is the measure of responsibility, whereas the measure of your strength is the measure of professionalism and the desire for democratic change,” Pajovic concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro