Pajović: We have mechanisms to protect the state in the contract with A2A

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Commenting on the announcement of the opposition that it will leave the Government if the state interests are not protected in the contract with A2A company, President of the Parliament Darko Pajović said that there are mechanisms in place to ensure state interests protection.

„I believe that is a process that should take place in the Government and in the Parliament. The contract must be a part of the parliamentary discussion, and we have mechanisms to protect our vital interests. We are willing to protect them in this contract”, Pajović said.

Speaking to TV Pink M, Pajović said that Positive Montenegro is preparing to go solo on the elections, and the final decision will be made by election board of this party.

“To be precise, we announced that we would go alone on the elections. We formed an election board and our doing field activities in order to reach the best decision”, Pajović said.

He also talked of expectations for these elections.

“I will repeat what I said in 2012. Our goal is to give all we can and make citizens of Montenegro aware of what we have done during the past four years. If we speak about opposition scene, we have done more than any other party in the past 27 years. We preserved peace and stability in Montenegro, and we know we had responsibilities in continuing NATO and EU integration. We supported the Government so we could ensure that the opposition has positions that it could not get on elections. These things make political scene in Montenegro interesting, but also stable and stronger on its path to EU”, Pajović said.

Pajović said that the reports against those who made incidents in the Parliament are ready and that it is a matter of day when they will be submitted. He did not want to name anyone.

“I did not do it yet because we had holidays and activities in the Parliament. Reports are ready and will be submitted soon enough. I do not want to name anyone just yet. The public will be notified when the reports are in the procedure”, Pajović said.

When asked about his decision on live stream from the Parliament, he responded:

“In principle, yes, I have made a decision, but I would like to discuss it some more with my colleagues in the Parliament. I believe democracy means not reaching haste decisions, but those that are in consensus. I am certain that I will have majority in support. We will soon reach the decision and notify the public”, Pajović concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro