Pajović: We need to be efficient and hardworking, not lazy

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Parliament of Montenegro needs fast and efficient work, but not at the expense of quality of law and other acts that should be passed, said President of the Parliament Darko Pajović.

Commenting on the fact that there are 197 documents in the procedure – laws, regulations, reports, Pajović said that during the last year, Parliament was not efficient in performing its lawful function.

He said that there was some kind of blockage and that the time has come for the Parliament to start performing important law regulatory activities.

“We need fast and efficient work, but not at the expense of quality. If that means slower pace, we are fine with that. It is crucial that we are hardworking, and not lazy when it comes to our efficiency”, he said speaking to MINA Agency.

He said that the blockage in the Parliament is a thing of the past and this is what matters.

“By the end of July we have a lot of work to do and I personally believe that we will manage to be efficient, professional and responsible”, Pajović said.

He said that he will not speed up the process of passing laws because he does not want to do it at the expense of quality.

“I do not think this is the subject. What is the matter, is that we need to do what we are being payed to do. On every single law, representatives will get to voice their opinions and confirm final solutions with their votes”, Pajović said.

Pajović said that he welcomes everyone’s attitude.

“Some will say that drafted laws are bad, but they are against laws in general, while the speed of passing laws is just an excuse for denying the necessity of these laws”, he said.

According to him, these two things need to be separated.

“If the length of debates will improve the quality of laws, we will do it”, Pajović said.

If the Parliament works hard enough, it will enable better dynamics.

“To determine in advance what will be the number of laws passed is not serious, and it will not happen. It is a political game that I will not accept”, Pajović said.

When asked whether the number of 197 laws in the procedure demonstrates that the party interest was above the interest of citizens, Pajović said that party interest exist and they will always exist.

Pajović said that party interests are not always bad, because those parties present the voice of citizens and their interests.

“Problem with party interests is when individuals and party oligarchies forget about citizens and behave in a manner where they want their goals accomplished first. This happens quite often, and this is something that needs to be said and citizens need to recognize it and punish it during the elections”, Pajović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro