Pajovic: We should forgive a leader, but there is no forgiveness for those who plundered Montenegro hiding behind him!

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Members of the Positive Montenegro (PCG) are firstly the salt of the earth and then politicians, which is why they leave others to be the scum of the earth, it was the message sent from the party’s final convention, which was held in front of the clock tower in Podgorica.

“Let the number of our votes be the measure of dignity in Montenegro. Despite all the lies, PCG will have a good result on 16 October”, the party leader Darko Pajovic said.

He pointed out that the Positive Montenegro had the guts to run in the elections independently and not to drown in an unnatural coalition. Then, he commented on DPS leader Milo Djukanovic.

“This country has a leader. If it weren’t for him 10 years ago, Montenegro would not be independent today. It should be acknowledged. Of course, he made mistakes. But we forgive him because of his great works”, he said.

On the other hand, there is no forgiveness for those who plundered the country hiding behind Djukanovic, Pajovic added.

“Those little people were doing things that were not good for the country hiding behind Djukanovic. Patriotism is one thing and plunder is another one”, he said.

Defend PCG because PCG defended you

MP candidate Azra Jasavic said that all parties, except for the Positive Montenegro, were in power.

“It is true that the war for peace was waged not only by this clique, but also by those who are not in power now. The main storm troopers were “turnkeys” (members of the Key coalition), DF members and those who supposedly want victory and not division. It is true that they were minions to power centres outside of Montenegro. They were waiting for the shameful tasks to make Montenegro a guberniya or 27th constituency. Not this time”, Jasavic said.

Commenting on DF, she said that rubles for buying voters are peeking out of their pockets. She also said that SDP are shameless.

“Let’s tell them together – not this time! We have a new ray of Montenegro. Defend justice against injustice, love against hate, defend us from them because we defended you”, Jasavic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro