Pajović: We will know in October who is true opposition

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Parliamentary elections in October will show who is the true opposition, who are the patriots and who are not, said President of Positive Montenegro Darko Pajović in Cetinje.

“These elections carry with them a danger of straying from EU path for Montenegro, and this path is the only one that guarantees prosperity”, he said.

He openly criticised those who flirt with enemies of the state.

“It is a very dangerous thing to do under the pretense of democracy”, Pajović said.

He commented on parties of radical opposition as well.

“They do not care about replacing DPS, they want to change the foreign policy path along with it. We are against DPS, but we will not put our desires above state integrity and sovereignty”, Pajović was clear.

Leader of Positive said that the same leadership for 27 cannot be a good thing for the state. He believes that the mistake of DPS and SDP is blind belief in free market, and lack of state’s involvement in social and economic issues.

“Free market will not solve all the issues, as they think in DPS. Free market will lead to social polarization, rich getting richer and poor getting poorer. Foreign investments cannot be a cure-all for our economic issues. If the state does not take a more active role, we will see negative trends in economy”, Pajović thinks.

Leader of Positive said that solidarity and social justice are core values of Montenegro.

“Montenegro was built on those ideas, and we must return to them. These are the core values of whole Europe. Why do we want American capitalism, and not the one of Scandinavia? Why would liberal capitalism be better than social one, such as Iceland? In order to be a happy society, we must be socially just society that is based on solidarity, not exploitation”, he concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro