Pajović: We will support DPS in all good projects and decisions

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President of the Parliament and leader of Positive Montenegro Darko Pajović said that this party is joining the leadership with an integrity given by voters, unlike others who have joined without ever participating in the elections.

When asked whether the official initiation of Positive in the leadership should be understood as a sign of a long-term partnership with DPS and minority parties, Pajović said that they would support DPS in all the projects and decisions that bring true progress to Montenegro, Radio Antena M quoted Pajović’s words in TV show “Bare Truth”.

“Positive Montenegro will stand by DPS on a road to EU and NATO and good economic practice, as we already said in 2012. When it comes to internal economy, DPS, nor any other party following that tempo, will have no support in Positive. For us, the leadership is not a bag to be restitched, as it was done for 18 years, by people who now want to point only to Montenegro’s failures. We join the leadership with an electoral integrity. We have the credibility that will allow us to push things forward”, Pajović said.

The country is moving forward, Pajović believes, so he is not too upset over the fact that his new function as a President of the Parliament is seen as a political trade-off. Pajović is firm in his statement that his election was not a part of a compensation, nor an end goal of some agreement that had a condition of Positive voting confidence to the Government on January 27th.

He said that the crisis management plan that Positive offered in the end of January as a condition to vote confidence, was indeed some kind of an agreement they had with DPS.

“We could have grabbed functions simply, as it is done by parties that exist only in the media. There could have been some kind of compensation”, he said.

But they were not lead by those interests. They did not sign up for a coalition with DPS. They function on a basis of agreement.

“We found an understanding in our partners, and a mutual agreement. We have often been criticised for not having signed the coalition papers”, he said.

He thinks that the most significant fact is that after January 27th, for the first time in Montenegro, there is an agreement to accomplish goals that are good for the state, not just one party.

“I believe that is the key to an unusual situation that Montenegro has found itself in”, he added.

There are some speculations that opposition that entered the leadership has a plan to desert just before the elections in October, to leave the Government and try to cancel the elections, take down the Government and ask for the Prime Minister’s resignation, and to do it outside of the institutions. Pajović said that everything is possible in the politics.

“If it is a matter of political dramas or comedies, than I do not think it would be a good thing, and I believe it would come back as a boomerang to those have such dreams. This speculation is not a secret, as it was discussed many times, even in the Parliament. It would be irresponsible and dangerous. All the scenarios are realistic in the politics, my experience has taught me that no possibility should be forgotten. However, I would like to believe that the Agreement was signed by politically responsible people. If there are such plans, I believe that they are not serious”, he said.

Pajović said that he does not want to see the backlash against Positive after voting confidence happen to any other party in Montenegro again. He remains firm in his belief that Positive’s decision was a right choice.

“Can you even imagine what would happen in Montenegro had the Government fallen. There would be tens of thousands of people in the streets chasing each other like rabbits due to difference of opinion. Institutions would not be able to prevent a wave of aggression”, he said.

President of the Parliament feels ready and able to introduce order to the Parliament. He said that the situation is not good, and there is a big tardiness in passing laws. By the end of July, he wants to see around 200 legal acts passed. His goal is to stop the blockage in the Parliament.

“It is not impossible to fix this situation. What seems to be lacking is political willingness. I promise this is the problem of the past. I will do my best to have the Parliament return to the road that can make the citizens proud, and I am sure there are many colleagues who will support me in this”, Pajović concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro