Pajovic with Drobnic: Parliament’s work will be accelerated

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The Speaker of Parliament Darko Pajovic met the Head of the EU Delegation to Montenegro Mitja Drobnic today. Pajovic said the pace of the Parliament’s work would be accelerated in the coming period in order to adopt a large number of systemic laws and other regulations, which are currently in parliamentary procedure.

Pajovic also said that the Parliament of Montenegro would continue good relations and cooperation with the EU Delegation.

As he pointed out, the Parliament of Montenegro would also conduct those obligations relating to that institution and being an integral part of the agreement between the government and the opposition reached to achieve the common goal – fair and free elections.

Drobnic congratulated Pajovic on the appointment and welcomed the announced schedule of the Parliament’s work, which will be important for the future path of Montenegro towards membership in the European Union.

Drobnic underscored the importance of full implementation of the electoral legislation in order to ensure conducting credible elections in October.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro