Pajović with Drobnič: The Parliament passed 132 legal acts since June 2nd

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President of the Parliament of Montenegro Darko Pajović met today with Chief of EU Delegation of Podgorica Mitja Drobnič, who is at the end of his mandate. He informed him that the Parliament has passed 132 legal acts since June 2nd.

Pajović expressed satisfaction at the fact that the relations between Montenegro and EU started being more quality and fruitful in the four years of Drobnič’s mandate. The relations were at the highest institutional standard EU can have with non-members.

“The President thanked for the support provided to the Parliament during these years. Many new laws were passed, that enabled the beginning and continuation of Montenegro’s EU negotiations. Democracy of our society was directly influenced by laws pertaining to legislation, justice system, prosecution, elections”, it was stated from the President’s cabinet.

Drobnič said that these four years are a good moment to asses the situation and analyze accomplished results. He said that EU’s decision to open negotiations with Montenegro in 2012 was a good one.

Interlocutors expressed hope that the Agreement on free and fair elections between the leadership and the opposition will prove useful in organizing democratic elections.

Pajović informed him about Parliament’s efficient work of the last two months. Since June 2nd, the Parliament has passed 132 legal acts, and by the end of this week, 21 more are planned to be discussed and passed.

As far as the obligations from the Agreement are concerned, Pajović said that the Administrative Board of the Parliament of Montenegro sent into procedure suggestions for naming members of the Board for monitoring the implementation of laws and regulations of importance in building electoral trust, Temporary board for monitoring investigations in cases of media harassment, as well as suggestions for members of Board for monitoring the implementation of the Law on selection of MPs in the field of media, according to the Article 64b of the Law on selection of MPs.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro