Pajović with Kanerva: The Parliament is efficient

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The Parliament of Montenegro is efficient and responsible in performing its tasks, said the President of the Parliament Darko Pajović during his meeting with President of The Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE (OSCE PA) Ilkke Kanerva.

Pajović is visiting Tbilisi, Georgia, where he is taking part in 25th session of OSCE PA.

During his meeting with Kanerva, Pajović spoke about current political situation in the country, with special accent on recently formed Government of electoral trust.

“He underlined Montenegro’s democratic maturity demonstrated by solving political challenges with dialogue”, it was stated in the Parliament.

Interlocutors discussed the procedures that should contribute to free and fair elections, as well as forming of parliamentary boards, such as the one for following law implementation in electoral process and following investigations of safety breaches in media.

Pajović is scheduled to speak tomorrow in OSCE PA.


Source: Cafe Del Montenegro