Pajovic with representatives of Montenegrin diaspora in Tirana

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The Speaker of Parliament of Montenegro Darko Pajovic has met representatives of Montenegrin diaspora in Albania – Duklja and Alba Montenegro in Tirana today.

Pajovic said that principled commitment to the full affirmation of minority rights in Montenegro enabled the country to ask the institutions of the countries in which Montenegrin associations and diaspora lived to provide the same rights for them.

“In further contacts, Montenegro will insist on raising the level of their integration into the institutions of the Albanian state”, Pajovic’s cabinet stated.

The meeting was organised in the Montenegrin Embassy in Albania. In addition to representatives of the diaspora, the meeting was attended by the chairman of the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants of the Parliament of Montenegro, Miodrag Vukovic, and the ambassador of Montenegro to Albania, Ferhat Dinosa.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro