Pajović with Suhih and Stijepović: Better life standard is our goal

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President of the Parliament of Montenegro Darko Pajović met today with president of the Capital City Assembly Đorđe Suhih and Mayor Slavoljub Stijepović. President of the Parliament visiting local parliaments is a welcome precedent in political practice.

The goal of the visit was learning about activities of the Capital City and implementation of the Agreement on cooperation between the Parliament of Montenegro and Association of municipalities.

Pajović said that the Capital City and the Parliament continue to build cooperation in the framework of the Agreement.

“We want to have cooperation that enables efficiency of both local and national parliaments. Everyone needs to take their own responsibilities seriously”, Pajović said.

He also said that state institutions need to be open for citizens and their issues, and need to find ways to solve those issues in the realm of possibilities.

“Better life standard is a goal for all of us”, he added.

“One of the main principles of democracy here and in Europe is to listen to your citizens, starting with local to national administration. This visit today has a goal of accomplishing the level of standard in EU negotiations and integration”, Pajović said.

Interlocutors agreed that the cooperation is important, that it should be continued in order to create better conditions for life standard of quality for the citizens.

The importance of several laws in the procedure was underlined.

“In order to implement these laws and provide efficient practices in the administration, we need better cooperation between the national and local parliaments”, they said.

It was agreed that administration of the Capital City has more say in consultations on the laws pertaining to its functions, in order to write and pass laws that are more efficient and easier to implement.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro