Pajović: Young people have a moral obligation to erase the wounds of the past

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You are not responsible for everything the generations before you did, but you do have a moral obligation to generations that will come after you to delete all the wounds of the past, because without mutual co-operation, no one will be better, the President of the Assembly, Darko Pajović, said to the young people of Montenegro, speaking at the “Youth Initiative for Human Rights” conference in Podgorica.

At the beginning his speech, Pajovic said his generation was taught to live in “brotherhood and unity”, but that it ended in conflict and division, because it was not sincere.

In order to prosper, through honest cooperation, each community, minority, group and nation must give its best to nourish natural relations with their fellow citizens.

“This task falls on you, and on generations to come.. You have to build new bridges on sound foundations, bridges that will, I believe, last much longer than those from our past”, said the President of the Assembly, suggesting that young people should embrace new experiences.

“You are young, you are faster and your thoughts are healthier. Never forget this, and don’t let the authority of those older than you measure the strength of their arguments. Also, don’t forget that older people are by nature conservative and often don’t have faith that the world around them can be changed”, said Pajović, added that young people should not accept the world for what it is, but rather see it for what it can be.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro