Pajović’s lunched at the Soup Kitchen: Rice and chicken

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The Speaker of Parliament of Montenegro, Darko Pajović, visited the soup kitchen located in the Konik settlement in Podgorica, where he had lunch with those who usually dine here because they have nowhere else to go.

Leader of the Parliament ate rice with chicken, half a loaf of bread and a tomato salad. When it comes to taste, he says there’s no difference compared to what MPs eat in the parliament for lunch.

“Thank you for welcoming me and for this very delicious lunch. We wanted to send a message of solidarity to our less fortunate citizens. The state must show solidarity with those who live below the threshold of honor of the state of Montenegro. This country was built on solidarity, but it has been lost for a while, and this should be the message to help all those who don’t have basic means for living”, Pajović said to the gathered reporters.

He also asked citizens to not throw away their food, but to help those who don’t have it at all.

“Since I took office as President of the Parliament, I decided not to pay attention to allegations of abuse of power, because this has nothing to do with that. I sent similar messages earlier, but no one paid any attention to them. I cannot help as President of the Assembly, but as a citizen, as Darko Pajović, I can, and I will bring two crates of apples from the estate of my parents”, he said.

The soup kitchen in Podgorica daily provides 550 meals for 248 families. A total of 170 meals gets delivered to home addresses of its beneficiaries, while in the facility, people come to eat 380 meals. The capital of Podgorica allocated to the Soup Kitchen a budget of 550.000 euros for 2016.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro