Parents of babies from Bijelo Polje filed a criminal complaint

Parents of five babies infected in Bijelo Polje Hospital, of which one died, filed two criminal complaints against NN persons in the medical institution.

Criminal charges to the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office filed a Predrag Karisik, Eldin Salemović, Ivica Ignjatovic, Vucic Rakonjac and Slavisa Knezevic, whose baby died in PodgoricaClinicalCenter.

“A criminal complaint was filed against NN persons in Bijelo Polje General Hospital, who committed a serious crime against public health, and the second one, also against NN persons from the same health facility, on reasonable suspicion of conspiracy, cover-up and not reporting the infections, which led to the death of a baby, and endangered lives of four other babies”, Karisik said, according to Podgorica print media.

He said that they explained in the criminal charges that ineligible treatment and failure to apply appropriate hygienic measures and the apparent negligent conduct of hospital personnel led to the infection and death of a baby.

“We believe that if there is a moral, professional, human and legal obligations that every infection must be reported, and in this case it is not done, someone has to face consequences”, Karisik said.

He said that he expected “concrete steps” of the Supreme Public Prosecutor Ivica Stankovic, warning that otherwise, he would think about the radicalization of protest.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro