Parliament constituted, without a president

At the inaugural session of the local parliament in Herceg Novi, after the December early elections, the mandates of 34 councilors were verified: DPS 13, the Association of Citizens Choice 9, Coalition SNP-DF-NS 8, SDP and Novska lists 2 mandates.

Chairman of the Assembly, Blago Radanovic said that there were no proposals for the president of the parliament.

After the Assembly, the head of the electoral lists of the Association of Choice, Dusan Radovic Kruso, said that list managed to fight for all of their six demands in the negotiations with the DPS . They are related to the privatization of the Institute Igalo, Shipyard Bijela, Vektra Boka, the professionalization of local government and state guarantees for the economic development of Herceg Novi. Priority will be, as he said, stopping the sale of Institute.

Asked whether they agreed on personnel created solutions for two key positions, the Mayor and the President of the Assembly, Dusan Radovic Kruso said they did not, but they would definitely be agreed, “because we would not allow Herceg Novi to suffer because of one or two functions”.

On the question how he sees Herceg Novi with the new government, he has answered: “as the Côte d’Azur for a couple of years”.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro