Parliament is the only place for dialogue

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The topic of tomorrow’s parliamentary session -Proposal for the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction of Building, should be inspirational for the opposition to appear in the Parliament, believes the Parliament Speaker Ivan Brajovic.

Asked whether, after meetings with European and American officials and their “soft” pressure on the Government and the opposition, there is information about a possible start of dialogue, Brajovic said that parliament is the only place to talk.

He reiterated that previous parliamentary elections received the highest ratings of all international observers, and recalled that it was the largest number of observers since the referendum in 2006.

“Of course, one can always complain about the results, but in every normal country, the elections will not be repeated until those who lose win the elections,” Brajovic said.

He believes that the local elections will be a benchmark showing what has been done since elections to date.

Brajovic said that the law that he will discuss in parliament tomorrow is very complex and important.

“I want the opposition to be in the parliament tomorrow, we will hear a comprehensive debate, many different arguments,” Brajovic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro