Parliament paid 2.000 EUR to three translators

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The Parliament made it possible that Albanian MPs be able to speak their mother tongue, and due to that, it hired three translators and paid them 2.100 EUR in total, Pobjeda learned in the Parliament.

It is a pilot project that came alive during the last two weeks of July. MPs can speak Albanian language, and their colleagues hear interpretation using headphones.

“The Parliament of Montenegro made it possible for MPs who speak Albanian to use their language during sessions on July 18th. Three translators were hired, and their salaries cost 2.100 EUR. Total expenses for the project are not final, and will be known after analysis that will be done in September”, they said from the PR Dept of the Parliament.

MP who used this possibility the most is Genci Nimanbegu from Forca, who said to Pobjeda that he is happy with this possibility.

“I am happy that this project is finally being implemented. Last President had the will, but it did not happen”, Nimanbegu said.

He tried speaking Albanian language a few years ago in the Parliament, but he was stopped because he did not announce it 24 hours earlier.

“There are comments, people saying that viewers can not understand. Citizens from Ulcinj can understand the message very well. Both Albanian and the translation can be heard. The most important thing in this project is good will”, Genci Nimanbegu thinks.

President of the Parliament Darko Pajović made this project possible during the visit of his colleague from Tirana, Iljir Meta.

President of the Parliament of Albania is the first high official who spoke Albanian in our Parliament.

During the last days of this Parliament’s convocation, this possibility was used by Nikola Gegaj from DPS, Nik Đeljošaj from Albanian alternative and Dritan Abazović from GP URA. Two signals leave the Parliament – one in Albanian language, on in Montenegrin, and it depends on local TV stations which one will they play.

Džemal Perović one of the translators

Former Vice President of the Parliament Džemal Perović has been hired as a translator of Albanian language.

“My experience in politics is significant in translation. I usually translate for the needs of international organizations. The subject matter is very close to me. There are many topics in the Parliament, not just legislation”, Perović said for Dan.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro