Parliament session after May Day holiday?

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The Speaker of the Parliament Ranko Krivokapic rejected the suggestions of signatories to the agreement, URA Civic Movement and Demos, to schedule a parliament session for Thursday, the Pobjeda newspaper carried citing multiple sources from the opposition. Lex specialis, appointing new members of the Cabinet and the confidence vote in the Parliament Speaker are supposed to be on the agenda of the session.

According to Pobjeda’s information, at the meeting with the opposition, Krivokapic said he would do that on Wednesday after the May Day holiday.

“DPS dismisses our staff and there is no need to rush into the government with it”, a source from the opposition cited Krivokapic.

Because of the Krivokapic’s rejection, the Parliament’s collegium did not hold a session yesterday. The political director of DPS Tarzan Milosevic told RTCG that there were all preconditions for the session with a three-point agenda to be held on Thursday.

”DPS will insist on that date”, said Milosevic.

Prime Minister’s Question Time has been scheduled for today. PM Milo Djukanovic has answered two questions posed by SDP caucus and independent MPs caucus.

Representatives of SDP, Demos and URA signed the agreement on free and fair elections yesterday. Shortly after that the text of the agreement was confirmed by DPS and members of the ruling coalition Bosniak Party (BS), the Croatian Civic Initiative (HGI) and Forca, as well as the Social Democrats (SD). The Positive Montenegro signed the agreement today.

Leader of the URA Civic Movement Zarko Rakcevic said at a press conference that the agreement would be forwarded to all political entities.

At last night’s first round of negotiations, the presidents of SDP, the Socialist People’s Party (SNP), URA and Demos, Ranko Krivokapic, Srdjan Milic, Zarko Rakcevic and Miodrag Lekic, failed to agree on all the staffing solutions for the posts in the government of Milo Djukanovic, which belong to opposition under the agreement on free and fair elections. The second round of negotiations has been scheduled for today.

“We have the contours of the team that will represent the opposition, but the individual candidates were given until today to declare whether they want to accept the participation in the government”, a source from the opposition told Pobjeda.

According to Pobjeda’s information, in addition to four ministerial posts, two positions of minister assistants and a deputy prime minister post, the opposition discussed proposal for a candidate for the inspector general of the National Security Agency (ANB).

According to the lex specialis, the inspector general should be appointed by the government upon the initiative of the ministers from the opposition ranks.

“The inspector general is appointed if all members of the government vote for him/her”, the proposal reads.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro