Parliament to ascertain the resignations

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The Parliament of Montenegro at the next session must ascertain the termination of the mandate of deputies who are elected for ministers and inform the State Election Commission (SEC) about it in order to carry out the process of filling vacant seats, said a member of the SEC Vlado Dedovic.

He said that mandates of the MPs who were elected as ministers has expired on the day of their appointment to positions in the executive authority.

“The act of resignation itself is not relevant in this case since the Law on Election of Councillors and Members of Parliament stipulates that the mandate of an MP ceases to exist, according to the law, before the expiry of his term – in the event of one of the cases of incompatibility of MPs function with a different function, determined by the Constitution and law”, said Dedovic to ‘’Mina’’.

According to him, the Parliament of Montenegro is now on the move.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro