Parliamentary session continued without Milo Djukanovic

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After seven hours of deliberations, the Collegium of the Parliament Speaker decided that the parliamentary session, which was interrupted a minute after it began, should be continued at 8pm. According to announcements, it is to last only an hour. However, none of the MPs explained the details of the latest agreement to reporters. The theme of the session which Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic is not at is disciplinary measures against the perpetrators of today’s conflict with the PM, instead of presentation of new members of the government of electoral trust.

Earlier today, DF prevented Djukanovic from presenting the new members of the government. As soon as Djukanovic started his speech, DF MPs started to chant “Milo, thief”. The PM replied: “Bravo cretins!” The live TV broadcast was cancelled then, but the conflict continued.

Djukanovic and DF MPs exchanged insults not appropriate even for street jargon, which is why the session was interrupted.

A fight was avoided thanks to the rest of MPs and security service.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro