Parliamentary session without Djukanovic and DPS MPs; it is to be continued on Monday

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MPs of the Democratic Front (DF) have been publicly reprimanded for verbal and then almost physical confrontation with Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic in the Parliament. It was decided by Parliament Speaker Ranko Krivokapic. The session is to be continued on Monday.

Krivokapic warned DF MPs that the next penalty for a serious violation of the rules of procedure would be suspension from the Parliament.

“There was a serious incident. It is not the first one, but I hope it is the last one. On behalf of the Parliament, I apologise to all citizens of Montenegro. We owe an apology to the PM to”, Krivokapic said.

DF MP Predrag Bulatovic said that Krivokapic had no right to impose the reprimand.

“The Committee on Human Rights has the right to do that. PM insulted DF MPs. We require the supreme state prosecutor to investigate Djukanovic’s threats against MP Janko Vucinic. The PM said he would settle a score with him”, said Bulatovic.

Krivokapic said that DF had the right to require scheduling the parliamentary committee meeting at which it will be decided who is right.

Djukanovic and DPS MPs did not attend the session. Only head of DPS caucus Milutin Simovic attended the session.

DPS requires DF MPs removal from the Parliament

Simovic said that neither the Parliament nor the Government of Montenegro were protected against vandalism and behaviour of “ill-mannered” DF.

“Today we witnessed an attack against institutions and the agreement on free and fair elections… only several days before the signing the protocol on accession to NATO and marking ten anniversary of independence restoration”, said Simovic.

He said DPS required DF MPs to be removed from the Parliament.

“Krivokapic did not exercise his right to put the removal of each MP to the vote”, he said.

According to him, the punishment will come from the supreme judge – people of Montenegro.

Krivokapic said that he never had an incident in the Parliament, which does not apply to Djukanovic.

“The prime minister had a few incidents and he apologised several times. He used to call us ‘parliamentary dictatorship’, but did not apologise. On behalf of the institution, I apologise today to the government and the prime minister. Nobody except the Parliament will not determine the conditions for the holding the session. The prime minister will not decide about that”, Krivokapic said.

Simovic to Krivokapic: It bothers me that you enjoyed the incident for 25 seconds

The parliament speaker said Djukanovic had not asked for his protection.

Simovic replied: “By the expression of your face it was obvious you enjoyed the incident for 25 seconds. That is what bothers me”, said Simovic.

Mustafic: Call early elections

The discussion about the sanction against DF MPS was interrupted by the deputy speaker of Parliament and member of the Bosniak Party, Suljo Mustafic. He believes that the incident is a reason for the Parliament to shorten its mandate and call early elections.

“I believe I share the opinion of the majority of democratic public and the international community”, said Mustafic.

Mandic: Incident – big deal

DF MP Andrija Mandic commented on the incident, saying that it was “not a big deal”.

“There was no punching here. I see no reason for making such a big drama. It is not known who is apologising and fawning on whom”, he said.

The president of Liberal Party (LP) Andrija Popovic supported the initiative to call early elections for September.

“It will get worse every day. This must be stopped,” he said.

He says he was sorry for the way they welcomed the guest (PM).

“Would any of us do such a thing in our home, even in the case that the biggest enemy came to our place?” Popovic asked.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro