Parliaments constituted, DPS to choose coalition partner in Gusinje

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Andrijevica already verified the mandates of elected councilors and appointed Dobrašin Lalević from DPS president of the Assembly. Gusinje verified councilor mandates but will elect the President of the Assembly after forming the majority based on the results of local elections, writes Dnevne Novine daily.

One thing is sure – Gusinje will be led by DPS in the next four years.

Current president of the Municipality, Mrs. Anela Cekic, believes the agreement will be reached soon:

“We are talking with all political subjects in Gusinje and I believe we will soon reach an agreement with those parties with whom we have good cooperation and share program goals”, she said.

Future coalition partners of DPS will surely be the Social Democrats, who say the only thing left is to work put the details.

“Soon we’ll talk about which functions will go to whom, but our priority is the programme we offered in our campaign”, said Dženadin Radončić from SD.

SDP is aware they will have to move to the opposition benches.

“We will represent constructive opposition that will try to contribute to the development of Gusinje from this position”, stated Elvis Omeragić of SDP.

Those aware of the political situation in Gusinje claim DPS will form a government with the Social Democrats, the Bosniak Party and the coalition of DUA and the Albanian alliance. However, the strongest opposition party in Gusinje also expects to make an agreement with DPS.

“The most natural coalition is the one we have given support at the state level. At the local level, we gave our support to Milo Đukanović”, said Sait Cekic from the Party for Gusinje.

The political scene in Gusinje will be known in about ten days, when the most fruitful negotiations result in agreements.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro