Parties got 21,5 millions from budget

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During the four-year term from 2012 to 2016, parliamentary parties received a total of 21.5 million Euros from the state and local budgets, according to research done by the Center for Democratic Transition (CDT).

Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), got 7.2 million, while the Democratic Front got 5.3 million Euros.

Socialist People’s Party (SNP) has earned 2.5 million, and Social Democratic Party (SDP) 2.4 million Euros.

Positive Montenegro has received 1.6 million from public funds, and the Bosniak Party 916 thousand Euros.

Croatian Civic Initiative (HGI) received 469 thousand, the Liberal Party (LP) 424 thousand, and Forca 238 thousand Euros. The Democratic Party got 205 thousand, Democratic Association 170, and the Albanian Alternative 89 thousand Euros.

CDT collected the data from reports of political entities, the audit report by DRI, municipal decisions and also through the right to request free access to information.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro