Paunovic: Kosovo’s parliament on the ratification in August

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Milan Paunovic, who led the Montenegrin team during negotiations on the demarcation of the border with Kosovo announced that he had learnt that Kosovo’s parliament would vote on the ratification of the agreement between Montenegro and Kosovo during this month.

He told RTCG public broadcaster that as far as Montenegro is concerned the issue was solved by signing the agreement and that the discussion in Kosovo’s parliament that was held on Wednesday confirmed that this was an internal political issue in Kosovo.

Paunovic called into mind that the negotiations on the issue had lasted for three years.

“Our and Kosovo’s commission do not have the mandate to draw new boundaries, but to identify, harmonise and determine the existing borders, as well as former republic, cadastral and administrative ones. And that’s what we did”, Paunovic said, RTCG news portal carried.

He said that former Kosovo president Atifete Jahjaga’s move to form an international team of experts was wise.

“They were impressed by the way of negotiations. By signing the agreement, the two countries committed themselves, in accordance with Article 12, to ratify it. Montenegro already did that at the end of last year in order for the agreement to come into force. This means that within two years after its entry into force, national borders defined by the contract should be marked”, he said.

Asked if Kosovo opposition politician Ramush Haradinaj’s statement that the agreement would fail was realistic, Paunovic said that it would not happen.

“Sooner or later the agreement will be ratified and in Kosovo’s parliament”, said Paunovic.

As he said, the positions of representatives of the US and EU, who fully supported this agreement, were confirmed again.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro