Pavel: Montenegro to be an important member of NATO regardless of its size

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Army of Montenegro is already contributing to regional and global stability and safety, said Chairman of the NATO Military Committee Petr Pavel, adding that Montenegro is to become an important member of NATO, regardless of its small size.

He said he was impressed with the dynamic pace of reforms in Montenegro, saying the citizens can be proud of the accomplishments in the field of economy, social life, politics and military.

“It is a considerable success to be joining NATO only a decade after claiming independence”, Pavel said.

Commenting on a statement of his predecessor who in 2014 said that Montenegro is already prepared for NATO, in terms of military achievements, Pavel said that Army of Montenegro did a great job in adopting NATO standards, participating in military and other activities in the Alliance during the last couple of years.

“I am certain that, regardless of its size, Montenegro will be an important member of NATO. I honestly believe in the wide safety platform fostered by NATO and EU”, Pavel said.

He reminded that transformation is an ongoing process, but that requirements for joining NATO have mostly been met.

“In the next couple of months we will work on details, but I can freely congratulate Ministry of Defense for a great job done in the past”, Pavel said.

Decisions are reached unanimously in NATO, and Military Committee as well. Adding one more vote should not be a challenge.

According to him, reaching consensus can be difficult at any level, whether military, political, diplomatic or economic.

“Reaching consensus is no small effort. But the Alliance is built on that concept. Consensus was reached when there were 15 members and it is reached now when there are 28”, Pavel said.

He was asked about the role NATO military missions play today, and he said that it would be ideal if there was no need for such operations.

“However, we live in a challenging environment for security”, Pavel said.

Today, around 18 thousand soldiers is deployed all over the world, where they lead complex land, air and maritime operations.

According to him, the main point of NATO is to protect freedom and safety of all its members using political and military resources.

Pavel said that Army of Montenegro greatly contributed with 25 soldiers in ISAF mission.

“By cooperating with NATO, Army of Montenegro became stronger, better and more prepared. Montenegro has a positive role in building regional and global safety”, he said.

Pavel said that the sceptical comment about Montenegro’s size and its ability to contribute to the Alliance are without foundation.

“Every member contributes as much as they can in NATO. Army of Montenegro is already contributing in regional and global stability and safety, and it can help in mountain warfare and maritime security. Being in NATO means defending each other”, Pavel said.

NATO does not take military actions unless all the members are in agreement, and it does not perform activities on the territory of member states unless they allow it.

He said that he is impressed with Montenegro and its progress, dedication and transformation.

“I am sure that Montenegro will continue doing what is necessary and it can count on NATO support and help in the process of accession”, Pavel concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro