Pavićević and Žižić will ask that claims Delić made against them be investigated

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Chief of Crime Police Milovan Pavićević and Chief of Crime Police in Nikšić, Milorad Žižić, will ask on Monday that the Special State Prosecution looks into the claims Vladan Delić made against them, CdM learns unofficially. A day after he was searched on doubts that he abused his official position, Delić made public accusations against Pavićević and Žižić that they are setting him up now, because one day he could prove to be a dangerous witness.

Pavićević and Žižić will invite Delić to provide all the available evidence he has against them. These police officials will give full support to the Prosecution in order to check on Delić’s claims.

According to unofficial data from the Police, the only thing Delić wanted to achieve is find alibi for supposed illegal activities in his work. Police believes that Delić is trying to tarnish the reputation of Pavićević and Žižić.

Minister Goran Danilović said that he has suspicions that search of Delić’s cabinet is “some kind of revenge” against his advisor, although investigations have been ongoing from April 2015.

Officials of Crime Police notified the MInister and invited him to attend the search. He did not object the search, but he did not attend, and sent a replacement instead.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro