Pavlovic: Giuseppe Giordano killed Dusko Jovanovic

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MP for the Democratic Front (DF) Koca Pavlovic said that an independent detective investigation showed who had killed Dusko Jovanovic in 2004, as well as who ordered the murder and hired killers.

He argues that the supreme state prosecutor had received the findings of an independent detective investigation three months ago. According to him, he saw that document himself. The investigation, he adds, was initiated by the Jovanovic family.

“Three murderers from the Italian organisation ‘Sacra Corona Unita’ were identified in the findings by name”, Pavlovic said.

As he added, Giuseppe Giordano pulled the trigger.

According to Italian media, Giordano was arrested in 2013 in Manduria (the province of Taranto, Italy) for the murder of Santino Vantaggiato, the boss of one of the Italian mafia organisation. Giordano killed him in 1988 in front of his house in Bar. He was sentenced to 30 years for Giordano’s murder.

“He and the two other men are already in an Italian prison for murders committed in Italy, but also because of a murder committed in Montenegro in Bar. The supreme state prosecutor can immediately compare their DNA with the gun Dusko Jovanovic was killed from”, said Pavlovic.

He argues that the findings include names of the killers and the person who ordered the murder, but he did not mention their names.

Pavlovic announced this information at a press conference after establishing the interim committee for supervising investigations on jeopardising safety of journalists and media houses.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro