Pazin at NATO Info Day: There is no democracy without stability

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There is no democratic society without stability and security, and without democracy there is no prosperity and economic valorisation of resources, as there is no economic development and foreign investment, said Montenegrin Minister of Justice, Zoran Pazin.

During the roundtable “NATO – a strong guarantee of Montenegro’s stability”, which was held in the hall of the Municipality of Pljevlja within the NATO Info Day, Pazin said that Montenegrin borders, its permanent sovereignty and its stability and security would be guaranteed by joining NATO.

The President of the Municipality of Pljevlja, Mirko Djacic, noted that the roundtable was not the first event of this nature organised in Pljevlja and that the intention was to meet the citizens’ interest to obtain the necessary information on integration processes and their effects in terms of future overall development of Montenegrin society.

“All of the events represented opportunities to record the new results and progress that Montenegro made on its Euro-Atlantic path”, Djacic said.

Polish Ambassador to Montenegro Irena Tatarzynska praised Montenegro’s achievements in its integration path. She also pointed out that the Polish Parliament would not delay ratification of the Montenegro’s NATO Accession Protocol, adding that she was pleased because Montenegro would attend the upcoming NATO Summit hosted by Poland on 8 and 9 July.

National Coordinator for NATO, ambassador Vesko Garcevic said that membership strengthened political recognition of Montenegro, its stability, safety and security, which were necessary conditions for further economic growth and continuity of foreign investments.

He pointed to the Polish experience in this regard, where foreign direct investment had almost doubled during the first 5 years after joining the alliance.

Responding to questions from the audience, ambassador Garcevic said that Montenegro would have to pay €450,000 membership fee, adding that it was not a significant amount having in mind that membership represented the cheapest insurance policy that Montenegro could afford.

“Although the North Atlantic Treaty contains the clause which allows Member States to get out of the alliance under certain conditions, experience has shown that none of the Member States has taken that opportunity, which is the best proof of the justification of the membership in the alliance”, he said.

The participants of the roundtable noted that the integration processes were in fact processes of democratic transformation of a society, since both NATO and the EU share the same values and ​​standards and that membership in the alliance was the best investment in the future of Montenegro.

Minister Pazin and ambassadors Tatarzynska and Garcevic also talked to the final year students of the high school “Tanasije Pejatovic” within the NATO Info Day.

Responding to their questions, the officials pointed to the complementarity of the process of European and Euro-Atlantic integrations and emphasised the fact that the both processes were founded on a high degree of respect for democratic values ​​and principles the EU and NATO were based on.

The NATO Info Day was organised by the Municipality of Pljevlja and the NATO Membership Council’s Communication Team, in cooperation with the Polish Embassy in Montenegro and NGO Ljubisnja Pljevlja.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro