Pazin: Dealing with the past is an imperative


Dealing with the past is only possible if those responsible for the devastating destruction and crimes of the 1990s are brought to justice, Justice Minister Zoran Pazin said.

Marking the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Wars in the Former SFRY in the period between 1991 and 2001, Pazin said at the memorial park in Pobrezje that the moral decline in the 90s culminated in the most terrible crimes against the civilian population.

22 years since the crimes in Srebrenica, when more than eight thousand Bosniaks were killed, have also been marked today.

“Coming back to this memorial park is a commitment because in that way we are holding those victims in esteem and at the same time it represents a pledge for the future, because only if we face the crimes of the past we will have a future,” Pazin said.

He added that coping with the past is possible only if those responsible for the terrible devastation and crimes of the 1990s are brought to justice.

“It is imperative not only for this generation of judicial organs, but it is a permanent imperative for all humans because the committed crimes are primarily committed against humanity,” Pazin concluded.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro