PCG will never betray Montenegro – they will defend it with their bare hands

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Positive Montenegro’s election victory began in Bar, it was said at the first party’s convention ahead of the general elections scheduled for 16 October.

PCG leader Darko Pajovic said that the party promised a country where people live a normal life without ignoring those who live in poverty.

“A part of the people should not be struggling to make ends meet while the other part is getting rich at their expense. It has to be changed. I saw in the audience one flag of Yugoslavia. Let it stay here. Maybe they know best what solidarity is. I grew up on these principles. It is the state that must help those who are poor. We will bring that back after 16 October. PCG promises that to you”, he pointed out.

He pointed out that PCG will never betray Montenegro.

“Between the Russian opposition and our own country, we choose the country. Between the media moguls and the country, we choose the country. If we are traitors therefore, so be it! We must save Montenegro”, he said.

Then he referred to the fact that Montenegro is “speculating” over the source of Democratic Front’s money for the campaign.

“That is Russian money and they use the money to destroy Montenegro. We are unarmed and we will defend it”.


Montenegro will be protected from those who are hired for a handful of rubles to work against Montenegro”, he pointed out.

According to him, PCG starts changes while being in power.

“We are not like those who were in power for 18 years, but remember changes only after they were kicked out and when they ran out of petrol and credit cards”, he said.

Pajovic said that PCG offers peace and stability and not anarchy.

Not this time

PCG vice president Azra Jasavic spoke about the competition.


First she commented on the Key coalition (SNP, Demos, URA).

“The ‘turnkeys’ offer a key to lock Montenegro and push it into the bloody Balkan cages”, she said.

Firstly she referred to Zarko Rakcevic.

“The first turnkey, a tycoon, has had millions so far, and now he wants billions. Hotel, trucks and beaches are not enough to him. Well, not this time”, Jasavic said, and then mentioned Miodrag Lekic.

“Another turnkey came close to the throne on the back of the Democratic Front. He made them borrow €1m and turned them back. He would cost us dearly – well, not this time”, Jasavic said.

Referring to Srdjan Milic, she said that he is coming up with laws aimed at shaking up the country as if it was some else’s homeland.

“Well, not this time!”, Jasavic said.


Then she commented on the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

“They are washing their dirty consciences because they wanted the state for themselves. In October, they presented it as sacrificial offering to those who have never loved it”, Jasavic said.

Commenting on the Democratic Front (DF), she said that they are returning Montenegro to the Middle Ages and therefore she had a message for them.

“The Battle of Kosovo ended long ago. To go forward with them? Well, not this time”, Jasavic said.

She also asked DPS whether their strides are steady without changes for the better.

“Steady strides without changes – not this time!”, she said.

As for the Social Democrats (SD), she said that they will continue with perseverance where they stopped.

“To take money, apartments and positions – well, not this time!”, Jasavic said.

“Montenegro needs a general cleaning. The people need to eat, to drink and to have access to medical treatments”, she said.


The leader of PCG Bar committee, Radomir Novakovic Cakan, called on all citizens to vote on 16 October because, he said, all of them love Montenegro.

“I forgot my speech at home, but I have not forgotten that all changes are starting in Bar, because we love Bar. You will no longer put up with the things you used to be forced to put up with. PCG will not tell unreal stories. I am on this path because I love Montenegro”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro