Pejanovic-Djurisic in Washington: The USA will support Montenegro until the end of NATO accession process

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The recently signed protocol on the accession of Montenegro to NATO represents a signal to the partners to start the ratification process, said the US Deputy Secretary of Defence Robert Work, pointing out that during the final stage of accession to the alliance, Montenegro would enjoy strong US support.

Defence Minister Milica Pejanovic-Djurisic met Work at the Pentagon yesterday. After a welcoming ceremony, she presented the activities carried out by Montenegro and its Defence Ministry in the final stage of accession to NATO, as well as the possibilities of further cooperation in the field of defence, particularly when it comes the participation and contribution of Montenegro to peace and stability both regionally and globally.

Work congratulated Montenegro for its success and the results achieved so far.

He particularly emphasised the impressive contribution and significant participation of Montenegro in international global initiatives, adding that he hoped new possibilities for cooperation at the bilateral level as well as with other partner countries would be opened up in the future.

In addition to meetings at the Pentagon, Pejanovic-Djurisic also participated in the conference Future Enlargement of NATO and New Frontiers of European Security organised by the Atlantic Council in Washington yesterday.

Speaking at the panel “How to Become a New NATO Ally: Success Stories and Future Steps”, the minister presented Euro-Atlantic integration process from the Montenegro’s perspective.

“We went through an intense and exhausting stage of Euro-Atlantic integration and in cooperation with partners, we managed to reach the goal. During the turbulent years in the Balkans at the end of the last century, Montenegro knew to preserve peace. Therefore, we want to further consolidate the stability of the whole Western Balkans by joining the alliance and clearly committing to the values ​​ characteristic for democratic countries”, the minister said.

The Minister also stated that, despite all current challenges and threats that we lately faced, Montenegro managed to present its position to the partners in the right way.

“Receiving NATO invitation and signing the accession protocol are the results of which make Montenegro a positive example of how commitment and focus to a specific goal lead to success”, she said.

She expressed the hope that partners would continue to support Montenegro during the process of ratification of the accession protocol in order to fully effectuate the alliance’s enlargement policy.

In addition to Pejanovic-Djurisic, Mikheil Janelidze, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia and Hanna Hopko, the Head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Parliament of Ukraine, also participated on the panel.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro