Pejovic gets Bauxites, workers will be sent to the Employment Bureau

Bankruptcy trustee of the Bauxite Mine, Mladen Markovic accepted the Uniprom metal’s offer for buying property of the company. However, all the workers were fired, said for the radio ‘’Antena M’’ the employees’ representative Nikola Zugic.

Zugic says Pejovic made decision to terminate employment of all Bauxite mine workers on September 30th.

He announced a meeting with Pejovic to define plans, or actually whether he plans to employ the workers. zugic also adds that they are going to do everything possible to fight for their jobs.

Representative of the Independent Trade Union of Bauxite Mines, Dragan Dubljevic also said that the bankruptcy trustee, Mladen Markovic, today announced that the status of workers will remain unchanged until the end of September.

“We were informed that after that period, according to the law, the employees will be sent to the Bureau. In the meantime, we will discuss all matters relating status of the workers with Markovic and representatives of the Ministry of Economy, in order to protect our rights”, said Dubljevic for Mina-business agency.

He added that at the meeting with Markovic and government representatives he will discuss the number of employees who will remain emplyed, as well as other issues related to the production.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro