Pejovic paid a deposit for Boxing

The company Uniprom metals from Niksic, owned by businessman Veselin Pejovic, was the only bidder for the purchase of property Niksic Bauxite Mine and paid 538,65 euros deposit.

The bankruptcy trustee of Bauxite, Mladen Markovic, said at a hearing in the Commercial Court that Pejovic, whose company manages Uniprom Aluminium Plant (KAP), meets the requirements, regarding the fact that a deposit of ten per cent of the starting price of 5, 39 million is paid.

The situation regarding the sale of assets of Bauxite will be more clear in the next seven days, while payment of the stated amount thereafter would be within 20 days.
Answering a reporter’s question on how the bidder will pay the total amount, Markovic said that there is no possibility of payment in installments, and that it has to be paid within the prescribed period, for up to one month.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro