Pejovic pays the remaining 14 million

Uniprom from Niksic, owned by Veselin Pejovic, will pay the remaining 13.88 million euros for the property of the Aluminum Plant in bankruptcy at the beginning of next week, officially becoming the owner of the Podgorica factory.

As ‘’Dnevne novine’’ finds out, the decision on payment of the third installment was made after the board of trustees registered the property of KAP in the cadastre on Uniprom and arranged the necessary documentation. That was the main condition for the payment of the remaining money set by Pejovic in March when he paid the second installment in the amount of 10.02 million euros.

In addition to registering property, Pejovic further claimed that the former owner of KAP and Russian CEAC, and its related companies, withdraw from the lawsuit started against factory in Podgorica. He was especially the case which is before the District Court of Nicosia took En + Group, in connection with which prohibited transactions with assets Kombinat, including the sale of the factory Uniprom.

Management of KAP Uniprom has taken on July 10 last year, when the sales contract, which was signed Pejovic with the bankruptcy trustee Veselin Perisic, was scheduled to be 28 million for the purchase of the factory payment no later than 60 days. After the deadline, Pejovic has paid only four million, while the insolvency administrator signed an annex to the contract which is the deadline for payment of the remaining 24 million extended by six months.

New postpone the deadline for payment of the full purchase price secured the second supplemental agreement, signed on March 10 after Uniprom paid another 10.02 million euros. The Annex had envisaged that Uniprom pay the amount within six months, and that the board of trustees facilitate property registration KAP and Niksic on behalf of the company.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro