Pence visit strengthens the position of Montenegro



Military analyst Aleksandar Radic said that the visit of US Vice President Mike Pence strengthens the position of Montenegro as a Western ally, because everybody should respect the new member of the NATO alliance.

“Now that Montenegro is the 29th member of the Alliance and when the EU accession process progresses, it might have seemed that the relevance of the communication of Western low-ranking politicians with Podgorica would be lost because the situation in country is good and there are no extraordinary events. However, complex relations between Washington and Moscow – primarily Washington’s perception that Moscow is strongly present in the Western Balkans and has its own interests – influence that Montenegro has specific position that outweighs its actual position in relation to the interests of leading Western allies, Radic told to Portal Analitika.

He said that he believes that Montenegro has a lot of things that could now desire as an encouragement from the West.

“It is not enough that we receive from the West a message that they expect us to hold the distance from Russian influence. They must also show what the actual affirmative form of the western presence represents in the region and Montenegro”, Radic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro