Perovic: Pensions won’t be late, there’s money even for emergency adjustments

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Montenegrin pension holders shouldn’t worry because payment of the pensions, even after the increase that happened on 1st of July, will be regular on every 20th of the month, said to Dnevne newspaper the director of the Pension Fund of Montenegro (PIO) Dusan Perovic.

Perovic emphasized that with budget of Fund PIO for 2016 enough resources was planned to provide regular and continuous ayment of all right arising from pension nad disability insurance.

„This means that on 20th of August, just like until now, a pension for July will be paid out, including the adjustment of the lowest pension for 20% and other adjustments that were adopted on 1st of July”, emphasized Perovic.

He reminded that before adopting the Amendment law of the Law on PIO, Fund PIO has done a detailed analysis of all the factors impacting expenses arising from pension rights, and concluded that the budget for 2016 will be enough to regularly cover all the right from pension and disability insurance.

“The adjustment will lead to an increase in total fund for pensions to around 1.3 million euros, or four percent more compared to pensions before the adjustment”, specified Perovic.

According to him payments of pensions should continue to be on time, or every 20th of the month for the previous month, and especially because the government made its priority in economic policy and by this put a commitment on Ministry of Finance and Fund PIO to fulfill this priority.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro